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Step into the world of high-stakes sports rivalries and passionate storytelling as Emmy-winner Barry Walton joins us to reveal the gritty and thrilling underbelly of documentary filmmaking. Barry captures the essence of the craft, unraveling the narrative behind his acclaimed sports documentary featuring NBA icons Kyle Singler and Kevin Love. Our discussion takes you from the electric atmosphere of the Detroit Pistons to the rich tapestry of archival footage that defines our past. As Barry dissects the roles of director versus producer, we're given an exclusive glimpse into the creativity and dedication driving his latest venture, "Artemis," supported by the artistic minds at Full Sail University.

Navigating through the cosmos of conspiracy theories, we touch down on the controversial tales of ex-NASA engineers and moon landing skeptics. Barry's keen insights challenge us to question the narratives fed to us by powerful organizations and the media. Meanwhile, setting sail on a more personal voyage, he shares the transformative impact of his island-hopping odyssey—a testament to the intertwining of passion, ambition, and relationships. We swing from the rigging of his sailing adventures to the grounded, yet no less tumultuous, experiences of pandemic lockdown life, contemplating the surreal reality of Zoom classrooms and the fragmented truths presented by the media.

Lastly, we pull back the velvet curtain to reveal Hollywood's radiant charm and hidden shadows. Barry recounts his journey through the glitz and the darker currents of the entertainment industry, sharing his encounters with celebrities and the struggles many face, including his own experiences with sexual harassment. It's not all grit, though, as we celebrate the awe of capturing daredevil feats and the brilliance of local artists making their mark. Settle in for a voyage of emotion, intrigue, and discovery as we navigate the intricate web of truth, trust, and tales that make our life stories so incredibly rich.


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