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A new layer to the cake...

In the past 5 years, since I started Endless Media, we have been working on baking a variety of layers to the cake of our services. Someone more professional than myself might put it better - we have been working to diversify our services and create multiple streams of media for our clients, both past and future.

However you say it, what is important is that today we are one step closer to making that happen. Let me explain.

Meet our new digital media partner, Sarah Levanti.

When I launched this company, I went in with the mission to serve privately owned small businesses (companies with 10 - 200 employees). In my head, I had dreamed up a Robin Hood-like scenario. I was going to take the knowledge that I have uncovered, in my years working for 'mega-corp', and give it to businesses that were fighting their way up the ranks of growth towards prosperity. That mission, while noble, was not easy, and here's the reason why. The needs of small businesses are greatly varying and the marketing budgets are always in flux. So to meet those needs, I looked to first find companies that had arrived at a place where they could afford a marketing person in-house but really needed a full marketing team. In that space, I had the ability to work with a budget and build a hybrid marketing group that they could add to their team at the cost of an employee, and just as planned we found our first and second clients in EZ Claim and Catania Product Development respectively.

We've learned the needs of companies competing in the market today are; video marketing,blog writing, newsletters, emails, website design, and proper social distribution. These elements need to be supported with strategy, analytics, and SEO. Ultimately, all of that has to be complemented with appropriate PR and Ad Spend to boost the scope of awareness. In total, they needed everything a major agency offers without the overhead and cost. The challenge, for us, was not becoming another McDonald's 'fast-and-cheep' agency, which you can find popping up daily across the country.

To avoid the 'McD's syndrome', I focused on custom content that would be both cost-effective and impactful. We wanted quality, not quantity. We wanted each video, each post, and each email or blog to say something of value. Something that helps to tell a story that your audience can relate to. One that can connect to and builds relevance in the brand. This mission would require intimate internal relationships, thoughtful insights when posting, flexibility, and a willingness to accept that we were only going to do one good post instead of five generic ones.

Over the past 5 years, we have shaped that mission and now we are proud to be adding a member to our team to help helps elevate that vision. Sarah Levanti and her company 72 Mile Marketing come with an extensive background in content creation, public relations, and marketing. She's a hybrid graphic design artist that provides awareness of the needs of a brand from her years working with major companies and corporations throughout the Space Coast, and more. Her keen awareness of storytelling helps companies stay on brand, while still conveying their persona to the masses.

We are proud of our growing team and ability to meet the needs that businesses need to survive and ultimately thrive. Reach out today and let us share more about how we can work to elevate your brand!

Contact us at and let's find time for a free consultation.


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