Director, Barry Walton is the best-kept secret in modern media and film. With 5 documentaries and an Emmy under his belt, his work captures audiences and elevates brands. Having had won 15 awards for 'Best Documentary Short' with his most recent film, Empty America. He is directly on course to becoming a household name and one that will not soon be forgotten.

In his years, as a filmmaker, he has traveled to the Himalayas to film the world's highest footrace, lived in Italy filming the Violin Ghetto, and ran through the jungles of Hawaii filming, Profiling HURT. Most recently he traveled across the United States, in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, capturing the emptiness of cities, roads, and national parks. 

When he isn't out filming documentaries, he works at Endless Media telling the stories of brands and companies looking to be set apart and make them unique.

Awards & Recognition: 

2022 16x Best Documentary Award - Empty America
2014 EMMY AWARD for Sports - One-Time Special
2013 I.D.E.A. GOLDEN MATRIX AWARD (Best Mascot Video)

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