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"You can't measure yourself by one standard." Barry Walton is an accomplished director with five documentaries and an Emmy under his belt. Barry won 15 awards for best documentary short with his most recent film, Empty America. He is also the owner of Endless Media. This is Barry Walton's story... Barry Walton was held back in third grade. He remembers feeling shame and embarrassment when he found out he wouldn't be advancing to the next grade with his peers. His parents didn't talk to him about it, and he felt alone and misunderstood. When he started the next school year, he had to get his own desk because there weren't enough for all the students. He was embarrassed and felt like a failure. Barry went on to become a successful director, but he still carries the pain of that experience with him.. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. The emotional and mental impact that being held back a grade has on a child.2. The importance of listening to and hearing what a child has to say about their experiences.3. The importance of being aware of your narrative and then managing it.


Z-Shorts gave Honorable Mention to Empty America: COVID-19 and the War for Right and asked if we'd provide some feedback in an interview. We sat down in the same Jeep that drove the route across America to answer some questions and retell key moments of the trip.

An interview for Outlook Magazine, in India, on Covid-19 and children's health from the director of Empty America and The High documentaries.

News story with Kim DeGuilio from Channel 4 Detroit about the making of Empty America a documentary shot from coast to coast of the United States shut down during COVID-19.

Live podcast interview with Mark Eckel from The Comenius Institute in Indiana.  Talked about my Emmy, filmmaking, and the value of celebrating the small stuff.


Roughly 15 years ago, Barry Walton and two of his surfing buddies bought a 24-foot sailboat, sailed it out the Golden Gate, turned left, and spent months sailing down the coast to Mexico. Though the trip wasn’t at all what Barry was expecting, he brought along a camera, filmed the adventure and just recently turned the footage into a 5-part documentary called Reaching Reality.

Live podcast interview with The Shooting The Breeze Sailing Podcast and  Jeffrey Wettig about the documentary series, Reaching Reality.

Interview with On The Wind Sailing about the experience of making our film, Reaching Reality.

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Review from the online magazine, SAIL on Reaching Reality.  In this age of ultra-high-tech racing machines, it's always refreshing to hear the unpretentious tales of ordinary people falling in love with sailing. Walton and fellow crewmates Dan Wasserman, Dennis Stein remind us that when it comes to following your dreams, there's no time like the present. This charmingly intimate story of friendship and adventure is a hidden gem and not to be missed. 
A publication in SAIL online magazine on the doc series, Reaching Reality


Live interview and Q & A about the film, The Making of The High in the Himalayas of Northern India.

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Review in VIMOOZ prior to screening in New York City, New York (2015)

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Screening at the SVA Theatre in New York (2015)

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