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One giant leap for Endless Media...

It isn't often that you get to participate in the branding of an entire region. Slogans like 'I Love New York,' 'What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,' 'Keep Austin Weird,' 'Pure Michigan,' and the like, were created by a special few. Each of these individuals contributed to the creation of something original, fun, and encapsulating for their respective homes. You can imagine, then, that for us, it was with great excitement and enthusiasm that Endless Media was able to participate in the first unified brand for Brevard County, named 'Florida’s Space Coast: Tomorrow Launches Here.'

In early 2022, we kicked off production with a video aimed at inspiring and educating people about why the community sought to establish a new brand for Florida's Space Coast. Although our production concluded with the creation of the first video, the EDC continued to work tirelessly for over two years, conducting interviews with thousands of people from around the county, state, and nation. From those interviews and that experience, we created a recap video to share all the hard work that went into creating, developing, designing, and ultimately revealing the brand.

A great deal of credit goes out to the EDC for their help and support on this project, particularly to Angela Neal and Sarah Lavanti. I would also like to express gratitude to the community for being receptive to the process, which played a crucial role in making the brand design and launch successful. We also owe credit to all the contributors who filmed footage for the EDC; their footage allowed us to tap into a more extensive database of archives and build out a comprehensive picture of the region. Thank you all!


Scrubbed was accepted into the Miami Short Film Festival!

Meet up with us in Miami! We are excited to share that we have been invited to participate in the Miami Short Film Festival happening on March 10th, 2024.


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