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3 Tips for the Holidays "...well, well, you listen here Potter" - George Bailey

Are you one of those business owners that struggle with the slowdown during the holidays?

I mean are you torn between the joy of the holiday and lost on what to do to keep things rolling during the holidays? 

Well if you are, I have 3 Tips for the Holidays that might be useful for you and bring some sanity.

1. HELP PEOPLE OUT: If there is one time of year when people are usually slammed with a to-do list and looking for ideas it's the holidays.  So help them out even if it's just creating a helpful video (like this one)! 

*btw: this simple video brought in 1600 views, 396 people engaged and 50 new followers on Facebook all in the local market (on a $25 ad spend).  Great numbers for any small business.

2. SEND OUT (ORIGINAL / SELF DESIGNED) HOLIDAY CARDS: There's no better time to show your creativity and fun while reminding clients that you're thinking of them than to create an original card for the holidays.  Don't go standard stock, make it original!

**This was one of my favorite films growing's screening in Ann Arbor this Sunday at the State Theatre.

3. HAVE A PARTY: The season is a time where people want to be part of festive events, they want to get together with friends and family and they want to have fun!  So throw a party, have people over and connect with people that you haven't seen in a while.  

It's a great time to be alive!  Enjoy the time off and if I don't see you, I'll see you next year!

Happy Holidays!!

Barry Walton Endless Media


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