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The new age of business...I finally pieced it together.

This is something I have been thinking about and saying in private settings for some time now, and I finally found a company to work with that's doing it!

As you are probably aware consumer businesses in the US have been on a trajectory of rapid consolidation and growth for over the past 50+ years. Now it seems those superstores are on the brink of being consumed by even bigger competitors in the Amazon, Google, and E-bays of the world. Seeing all this growth and change sparked me to start asking myself, what is coming next? And then while reading, I found it. Having picked up the book To Sell is Human by Daniel H. Pink to learn more about the human art of sales, I stumbled across a statement that confirmed all I had been thinking about. In that book, Daniel states that the 'everything stores' of the world are like big cats and behind them are very long tails of small businesses that distribute through those big cats. Surprised to have found this in a place that I was not looking for it made me stop and think. Then it all clicked. Picking up my head and looking out across the landscape of this business trajectory I saw the revolution that is already happening and I got excited. Peering out at our economy of superstores and monstrous corporations the idea that the Mom & Pop Shops of the world can open their doors for business again thrilled me. Knowing that the individual can be more empowered to do what she/he loves without being bound under the banner of a corporation filled my spirit. And the belief that the consumer will benefit most from the collective of all the new and unique products on the market was the icing on the cake. Even better than all this was shortly after I found a company called Pingree Detroit that's growing this very model of business and I wanted to figure out how I could be part.

Pingree Detroit is a shoe and apparel company that is ahead of the game when it comes to shaping their brand as a unique and authentic experience (like a micro-brew of small business). To start their name comes from a prior mayor of Detroit that put serving the citizens first. Their mission is to improve the lives of those veterans who have served our country proudly. And their product is made from premium grade upcycled leather from the Detroit auto industry. Holy God, I thought, how many more great relatable themes and stories can you pack into what makes a company? Learn more by watching our video #KnowYourMakerCampaign.

Recently we teamed up with Pingree Detroit to create some new content for their #KnowYourMaker campaign. Our aim was to help create a connection with the brand, their product, their team, and their ethics. From our 2 days shoot, we ended up producing 1 hero video and 4 pieces of micro-content. We even left footage on the cutting room floor for more to come. Can we help tell your company's story or a company you know? Reach out directly to

Thanks for reading,

Barry G. Walton

*This article was also inspired by the book The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon where the author Brad Stone outlines Amazon's plans to open distribution centers in every city throughout America in order to offer same-day delivery.

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