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The wolves are at the door...

Do you ever feel like you're in a fight to survive, but have no tangible way to explain it?

I mean it's like you're metaphorically fighting off wolves in the cold tundra of the north. But there's nothing actually physical that you can point too nor an object that you can see. Well that feeling is one I can relate 100% with, and it's so hard to even put it into words. As many of you know just over 12-months ago now I announced with great enthusiasm that "I quit..." (my job). I shared with confidence that I was now a free man! I had escaped what I considered to be the chains that bind in my corporate day-to-day. And I had done it all with assured confidence that I would not fail. Well I am here to tell you that I am a shell of the man that I was in that moment full of lessons learned. In preparing for this departure from work. I read book after book that talked about the mindset of the entrepreneur. I signed up for online webinars and courses. I hired a life coach for advice. And by the time I was leaving I believed 100% that all I needed to do was create the mindset of success and the rest would take care of itself. And in some ways it did, but nothing like I had thought. You see all those 'self-help' books and 'mind set' speeches are great to a point. In fact, I personally I love hearing them. They motivate you to get off your butt and start the race. And be that person you want to be. However what they don't tell you and can't at some level. Is how to grasp just how hard the race is going to be for you. Or how you will personally deal with the realities and isolation of starting out. Nor do they mentally prepare the skills you're going to need to pick yourself up off the ground time and time again. Those experiences and skills can only be learned by doing it and doing it and doing it again. So for the past 12-months I have both day in and day out felt like I am facing my wolves of fear and insecurity. Often I have felt like I am too weak to do this and that I can't go on. I questioned myself regularly and began to wonder if I am even cut out for this game of entrepreneurship. In truth I still don't know that I am. Often I spend half my days working on business development for Endless Media. And the other half calling companies and sending resumes to places that I think would be a good fit. It's a humbling experience to say the least. And regularly I feel deep *shame at the sense that I am unable to survive or better *thrive. All and all I have learned that if you're going to do it, it ain't going to be comfortable most of the time. You're goals and plans are going to fall to shit time and time again. And you're going to have to humble yourself to do whatever it takes to make it happen with no promise that it will. In the end, you start to realize that you're not a title or position anymore. You're not a paycheck or a packaged of benefits. Instead you're just a person fighting off the wolves of life. One member of the billions of us on planet earth with limited time and unlimited dreams. And all you have is today to get one step closer to fulfilling some of that. So each day you face that fear and take that step, and believe with a little faith that it's all going to work out. Tell me what wolves are fighting today? HEY! --> Special offer for new small business clients $2k for a basic :30 - :60 second spot! Link to sample (share it).

Thanks for reading! ~ Barry Walton Footnote: *Learn more on shame see: Brene Brown **Learn more on what I mean by thrive: Tony Robbins

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