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Silence is power...just when you want to speak the most.

You ever feel like you have something so important to say, but no one is listening?

You know that one emotion that you want to share. The thing you feel like the world needs to understand. That piece of information that would make everything work smoother! Yet somehow you feel like you're speaking to the air? I have often felt that way and strangely enough I have started to learn that saying nothing is more powerful as saying everything. Let me explain. In a world where people are screaming to be heard on social media, YouTube, and even television. The concept of being heard by saying nothing in itself seems strange. I mean 'group think' and 'mob mentality' tells us that if everyone's doing it. Then it must be right. However I would argue that one should consider the power of the alternative. You see what's really being played here are two games. The short game (attention grabbing propaganda) and the long game (patient awareness and soft spoken truth). In the short game you will satisfy the moment and get a head turn, a look, and some of the attention one desires. However it doesn't take long for a person or a group of people who's attention you've grabbed momentarily to move on. I mean after all they are easily amused. And so you are forced to continue to perform bigger and BIGGER circus acts of propaganda, mis-truths, and mud slinging. All in an effort to gain one more click and one more job in the industry (hence our current political state). On the other hand the long game waits patiently for those members of the crowd who've wised up to the game and want something more of substance. The long game pulls them away one higher level thinker at a time. And before you know it after a few years of consistent hard work your cup is overflowing. The challenge with the long game is the wait and struggle while getting things started. Making the tough choices of delayed gratification for greater rewards isn't easy. You are vulnerable to attack by those short game members who will pounce on you for your mistakes, oversights, and even victories. So what can be done to survive this period? My learned experience is to say nothing and go forward. Hold stead fast and weather the storm. The 'right people' will notice your hard work and will seek you out in time. And for those short game players, if you're reading too, hear this. You can be more than court jesters dancing to survive the day. Grow up, suck it up, and aim higher. You have more to offer than hat tricks and clown suits. Head bowed my friends, we are human together. Thanks for reading, Barry New work, new reel: DIRECTOR REEL

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