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The treasures within...a great podcast interview with On The Wind.

More often than not we hold within us a treasure trove of experiences that never get told. Once in a while, someone will show interest and listen. This interview was one of those times.

See the notes below for the interview timeline and highlights, then click here to listen or download it here.

Recently I got an opportunity to be on the famous sailing podcast called, On The Wind with host August Sandberg and it was great. From talking about my time with NatGeo, moving to Italy and even the details of my return from the trip homeless and without a job. It was easily one of the best interviews I have had to date. You won't wanna miss the unique insights and moments from this one. See timeline notes below:

  • 8:00 - The interview starts.

  • 12:56 - Start of living on my boat in LA and learning to sail.

  • 19:45 - Drake's Bay, the Golden Gate and 48-hours of seasickness.

  • 25:30 - Tests, trials and what it took to make the trip happen.

  • 33:00 - NatGeo, Italy, Emmy and all that happened in between.

  • 45:00 - Reflecting on the trip and euphoria of the past.

  • 51:30 - Sailing in winter, the small boat, and the Northern Pacific.

  • 56:00 - The raw vulnerable nature of the film.

  • 1:00:00 - The Santa Cruz Film Festival.

Listen to the entire episode click here to listen online or download it here.

Thanks for reading!



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