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Have you ever asked yourself, what is my story?

It probably sounds like a silly question, right? On the surface you probably think that your story is simply your life. Your story is your day-to-day. Very often life can seem mundane from our own perspective and most people don't think that their story is very interesting. But have you ever stopped to think about your story in the light of a ‘hero's journey’ and ask, what is my story? Let me explain more.

Joseph Campbell was inspired by the idea of the ‘hero's journey’. He believed that all stories are built from a basic set of experiences. In the most-simple form, the hero's journey starts by outlining the day-to-day in a subjects life. The town he/she lives in. Where he/she works. And the routines and people in their lives. Next the character is called to a 'mission' or objective and departs on their journey. En route, he or she sets off and encounters friends, mentors, and enemies. Inevitably the character must face their 'personal abyss' or that thing that scares them the most and offers the greatest reward. In that moment the hero must choose to either face their fears and return victorious or turn away and run. Ultimately, no matter what the character chooses in that moment, they return from their mission forever changed and with a new perspective. This, in the most basic level is the premise behind the ‘hero's journey’. 

In our own lives we can find experiences, stories and moments that follow this exact pattern. Taking the time to dissect those moments and place the experiences into the format of the hero's journey can help bring understanding to both successes and failures. You can better define those who are friend and foe. You can recognize the wisdom of mentors and critically review those places you fear the most and how you respond in those moments of fight or flight. In doing so, you can build a better understanding of your story and your life to achieve more of who you want to be.

So, I ask you, what is your story?

At Endless Media, we love to tell stories. Whether it is your personal story or the story of your company's brand. Let us help you structure a narrative and captivate what you are doing.  

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