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SAIL Magazine, a new podcast interview and our docuseries.

In the fall of 2019 my film Reaching Reality screened at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Now the docuseries is free on YouTube and has created some buzz in the sailing world!

Highlights: SAIL Magazine publishes a review of our docuseries on Youtube and one of the best interviews I've given on Shooting the Breeze podcast (keep reading for details).

Some of you may have attended the screening at the 2019 Santa Cruz Film Festival or my private screening at 20 Front Street prior to that. Others have been following me from afar. I have appreciated all the support and kind words and the general belief in me throughout the 15-year long process of seeing this project through. When I started editing the film nearly 5 years ago, I had the idea to create a docuseries exclusively for YouTube. With over a hundred hours of footage I hated to lose so many great moments to fit into the 60 to 90 minute festival version. Many of my friends in the industry, including Jim Toscano (director of The Pretender), insisted that I try and the result is what you can now see on Amazon Prime.

However I am happy to announce that much of the footage I had to cut for the festival version has been used to create my original concept…the docuseries on YouTube! Nearly two years after its festival premiere it is now available on YouTube as a 5 part series, including lots of new scenes never before released.

Now after the excitement of our weekend in Santa Cruz and the rush of seeing the release of Reaching Reality on Amazon, I am excited to see new buzz around the YouTube series release. The first came in the form of a film review and promotional call out in SAIL magazine, which was picked up from a press release. Reading the words of author Lydia Mullan brought a big smile to my face. I could not have been happier to have my work recognized in such a prestigious and well known magazine.

(Screen shot of the article in SAIL Magazine)

The second accolade and equally exciting came from the podcast interview with Jeffrey Wettig, Shooting the Breeze. (Thanks for the t-shirt Jeffery.) We talked in detail about the trip and about many of the behind the scenes experiences that happened off camera. I had a great time connecting with Jeffrey and it is one of the best interviews I have had to date. (See the screen grab with a detailed timeline of topics covered in the 2-hour interview below.)

Did you read that I was starting to write my autobiography called, The Unknown Adventurer?

I have hired an editor and have completed Chapter 1. Keep an eye out for my time sensitive release of Chapter 1 where you can offer feedback, an exclusive opportunity only for friends, fans and followers.

BTW: Do you have something you'd like to share with me regarding this post, or anything else? Please don't hesitate, I read every email. You can reach me at the contact information below!

Thanks for reading,

Barry Walton



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