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We love the people we work with.

2022 was admittedly a tough year. For starters, it felt like the other shoe dropped on our move to Florida. Let's call it growing pains. Then, we lost some special people in the passing of one of my favorite Uncles' Mel Solomon, and my sister's father-in-law, Larry Baus. And third, the economy felt like it came to a full stall. But just when things looked like they were at their worst something amazing happened that made me thankful for all the people I've worked with over the years.

Working with Detroit Piston, Saddiq Bey at the training facility (Detroit, MI).

When we moved to Florida, some 2+ years ago, I thought for sure I'd get kicked out immediately, but to my surprise, we were welcomed in with open arms. For the first 18 months of our time here it was as if we never missed a beat. Then, 2022 hit, and something shifted. It may have been the economy, it may have been me, but for lack of details, things were not moving.

To compensate, we went back to basics. We started knocking on doors, shaking hands, and kissing babies like 2020 never happened. Then, a call came in. Someone had seen our work and that call led to a project capturing the entire 72-mile region of the Space Coast from end to end. Literally, I was driving and filming every little town from where Brevard County starts, in the south, at Sabastine Inlet to where it ends north of Cape Canaveral. Over the period of the 6 weeks of production, we captured time-lapse, met astronauts, and interviewed famed Brevard County Sheriff, Wayne Ivey. It was a blast (watch the video here)!

Photo from our interview with Sheriff Wayne Ivey and county mascot Junny.

While the middle of the year was still slow, we started to see new buds of opportunity popping up. One of our favorites was our growing work with two young entrepreneurs, Ray & Stefanie Catania. We met them both just over a year ago and at that time I started to learn about their start-up product design and development company called, Catania.

Upon our initial meeting, Ray would go on and on about designing water torpedos, top-secret robots, modern Ab sculpting devices, high-tech floral vases, and more. I was sure they were either crazy or gifted. I discovered they were both (lol).

Working with us, we started to tell their stories of having amazing products, that have been on Good Morning America and SharkTank. Through written blogs, social media, and Youtube videos we help bring attention to their brand and work. At the end of 2022, we assisted in helping them raise $10k for the homeless (our Press Release) and closed the year with a great overview video that encompasses all they do (view the video here).

Catania Amaranth Vase on Good Morning America

It was a thrill to see our hard work in Florida start to pay off. We were making friends and the business was starting to pick up, but I have never been one to only do this for business. In fact, if you know me, you know that I started doing this because I love telling stories. In particular, I love documentary stories and one of the best stories of the year came from a friend, NASA engineer, Tim Honeycutt.

Sometime back in August, I got a text from Tim. He was writing to ask me if I wanted to watch the Artemis I launch from the Apollo viewing center on Cape Canaveral. At the time, I had been running around capturing SpaceX launches for fun. Seeing these things leave the ground was thrilling and I was starting to become a junky. Then, I got the text and my mouth dropped. I couldn't respond, yes, fast enough. I was going to watch the launch.

Then, the first attempt came and we waited all night to no avail. Shortly after, the second attempt and with the camera in hand, I captured some beautiful morning timelapse, but no launch. Soon one month became two,