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Finding the right production company that understands what your brand needs is very important. Understanding your message, the look and feel of your brand, your client’s needs, and how to mix that together into an educational and entertaining video isn’t easy (also known as a video business card). To make matters worse the internet is saturated with businesses who claim to do just that, but do not have the proven experience in the field to follow through. To help we are offering a short list of companies in Melbourne, Florida that we would recommend. Plus do not miss the tips to help you make the right choice in production for your company!


Video Production: Specialize in making great videos and zeroing in on how to tell your story.

Digital Agency: Specialize in websites and online content often have staff that create videos or hire experts so quality can be compromised or costs can be high.

Event & Live Stream: Focus primarily on covering conferences or events live and streaming it to your audience. Beauty is compromised for functionality.

Wedding & Real Estate: Focus primarily on capturing the experience live and giving you an edit to watch for life.

Director of Photography / Videographer: Primarily individuals who have one very strong skill and are hired by production companies to execute that skill.


What work have they done and what was their role (as an individual or company)?

Lots of times young companies and business owners will pull in footage from brands and companies they have worked with in the past and post it as their own. It is worth your time to make sure you understand what their role was in any footage shown and who they were working for if not themselves.

Do they have completed work samples, similar to what you want?

Make sure when you are asking for a piece of content that you ask for complete samples that reflect what you want versus highlight reels and quick edits. Full samples will reflect the full skills of a production team both with video coverage and graphics. Mark as a red flag any company that will only show you a highlight reel.

What type of video production do they specialize in?

Are they primarily focused on weddings and events? Do they do real estate and capture footage of homes? Are they specialized in corporate branding and doc-style storytelling? Or are they built for local or national commercials? All these questions will help you gain clarity on what their style, scope and experience revolves around.

Is the production team separate from the creative team?

Many times production companies and agencies will function as creatives or executive members of the team. These members' primary job is to make you feel comfortable and answer your questions, but at the end of the day they will not be in the field capturing the footage. This separation can often create a gap between planning and execution and leave you feeling unsatisfied.


This article was contributed by Barry Walton, owner of Endless Media based on Melbourne, Florida. Barry is an Emmy award winning director and editor who built his understanding of how to select the right production company for the job during his time functioning as an executive producer with the agency that oversaw Jeep, Dodge, Ram and FCA Vehicles. During that period he hired over 100 production companies from around the United States and Internationally to execute event, field, doc-style, commercial, livestream productions and more. Learn more about Endless Media by going to their website


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