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Four Questions to Maximize Organic Search (SEO)

When the idea of launching my company was initially inspired, I had no idea that I would be learning as much as I have. Originally, I wanted to make video content to help private companies develop their message and empower them to take on the biggest companies and corporations in the industry. Little did I know how much I didn't know about what private business needs to survive and ultimately thrive. As a starting point, I am posting a visual model created for our customer EZClaim, a software billing company, when we first pitched for their business in 2018 (case study here).

Learn more about our work with EZClaim in our case study (here).

Here are the top four questions that any business should be asking when evaluating their use of digital media.

1) What's your (Google) search ranking?

Every small business must first ask themselves, what are people searching for or what are the 'search terms' that people use when looking for their services. The search and the words used are your 'keywords' and are the first piece in building your digital assets (i.e. website, email blast, newsletter, blog, vlog, etc.) for search engine optimization (SEO). Gathering those keywords will shape the following steps.

2) Do you have 'click-through' links?

The second item that you want to start focusing on is the creation of newsletters and emails that drive readers to 'click-through' to your website. Clicking through is a term used to describe clicking on something that will take you to another page to continue reading. Having links outside your site that link people to your site will assist in raising your site ranking on Google.

*DISCLAIMER: It is important to offer content worth reading in exchange for any 'click-through' or you are both reducing the chances of click-throughs in the future and ultimately reducing your brand's quality.

3) How often are you publishing blogs?

Blogs serve many purposes for a company. They offer updates to product releases, changes in the industry, an avenue to share company standards and missions, and most relevant to this article, they tell Google that your site is active, alive, and growing. Combined, these will boost the organic search value. In addition, the more you are posting relevant search topics and appropriately adding the keywords and meta-data to your sites for SEO, the more Google will populate it in the feeds of potential customers or clients. Post often, yet be smart about what you post.

4) How are you maximizing distribution with social media?

At this point in the process, you have a company that has launched social pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). You are collecting data (names, emails, phone numbers) and sending emails and newsletters. You have a blog that updates your audience and keeps your site relevant for search terms. Next, you want to post your relevant content (i.e. blogs, vlogs, etc.) to social media to create opportunities to introduce your content to new clients and followers while creating 'click-through' opportunities that will increase the organic value to your search ranking.

At the end of the day, when you are spending money on digital media it is essential to know where best to invest. Understanding how everything works is not always easy and we are here to help. To learn more about how we can help your business email us (here) or call 248.675.5484.

Your potential is Endless!

Barry Walton


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