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That one person...

Have you ever been searching and working to get to that next place in life? Then you meet that one person, the missing link that brings it together and BOOM!

Life is funny that way. You can bang your head against wall with an idea that YOU KNOW CAN WORK and nothing happens. No movement. No signs that you're even sane. You begin to question what you are doing. You start to put it to the way side and forget it all together. And then some how at the right moment, someone is looking for just what you have. When you find that person it's an amazing feeling, right? Well I am looking for that person in my life right now and here is why. Flash back 14 years. I quit my job, leave my apartment, break up with my girlfriend, buy a $5000 camera and depart on a sailing trip for 3-months to make a documentary of it all. Then for 12 of those 14 years after the trip all that footage sits in HDV (high definition video) tapes in a box on a shelf. Waiting, waiting, waiting...then you open the box and start.

Now 14 years later, those tapes have been crafted and shaped into an original 13 episode series designed for release on YouTube (or the like). Re-writes, re-edits and insane hours (entire weekends) have been spent shaping this thing. And now here it is (see exclusive first episode on a private link here)!!

So what about that person? Here's the deal. I have a story for the ages for digital online content. This story deserves a brand like, REI, Patagonia, Billabong, DC Shoes, O'Neill...(the list goes on). The goal is a partnership of shared audiences in exchange for a title sponsorship (good example here: REI). I believe the right brand will see this project as an opportunity to connect with the originality and authenticity of what we have created. Then use their network in exchange for a 'presented by' sponsorship to connect themselves to it. Making them the first and only brand to share the lifestyle they associate with their audience.

How can you help? Download, read, and share this PDF on the project: REACHING REALITY MARKET PLAN (Google Drive) You'd be surprised who you know, so reach out: "If you build it, they will come." Thank you, Barry

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