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I did something top secret!

I did something top secret and you know what? I can't even talk about it.

No really, I directed what could only be consider by any definition the dream shoot and I can't say a word about it. The best I can offer is stay tuned for my future blog and follow my social links here and below to find out more. So now that I have officially teased you with what cannot be satiated. Let me at least give you some fun details from the past couple months. Do you remember the trip to St. Louis where I almost wrecked my drone in a massive wind energy mill? No? Watch refresher here. Well we finally finished all we went to do in St. Louis with Dodge and their release of the Durango for Dodge Law Enforcement. While down there, I even got to race around the track full speed in one of these things. So sweet! Bonus: Find my hand in the video link (here) and reply the time mark to get +10 bonus points redeemable for hugs and high fives (I'm a dork, I know). In addition to that, I traveled San Francisco in October to shoot OpenGov's fall festival (click and scroll down for sizzle here) and still to come from that trip another amazing top secret doc brand piece that includes a fire-nado (that's short for a 'fire tornado'...seriously, I have some crazy must see helicopter footage)! While there I connect with some amazing people to include my old friend Zac Bookman and prior major of Washington D.C. Adrian Fenty. It was a great trip!

(Pictured: Barry Walton, Adrian Fenty, Zac Bookman)

So dreams, they do come true. Follow them. Thanks for reading, Barry Walton Director

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