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If you died and came back to life, what would you do different?

How freaking crazy would that be to have a second look at life? Would you change everything / nothing / a few things? Crazy enough I actually got to meet someone this last month who did just that. He died and was revived with a second chance on life! That's one thing I love about what I do, I get to meet people like Bob Frey. Bob Frey from Edgewood, KY actually was dead for several minutes before being brought back to life by the EMS team. That moment of death and rebirth has had a serious impact on how he is living his life. In fact as we speak he has been touring Europe and off on some crazy adventure (check out his story here). Go Bob, go! I met him telling the story of how a tech company named OpenGov is changing lives with their financial software (see the full video of his and their story here). On the note of doing things different, you might be interested to see my new and entertaining vlog with life lessons that I have created on YouTube (go see it here and please subscribe to my channel for more). So what would you do different? Share with me in the comments below or email at:

I want to know!

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