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Life is short.  What dreams are you living?

Stop and think about that question for a moment. Are you pushing yourself to live in that space of doing what you dream to be doing? If you know me you know that is a question I ask myself often. In fact as I write this, I am working on living some big dreams right now and it scares the crap out of me on a daily bases (sorry to be so graphic, but it's true). The risk I have taken on scares me, but I don't know that there's another way to do it without being scared. So I exercise courage and go forward. The last I wrote I had quit my job and went out to create my own media and production company (Endless Media). It is just in its infancy, but in April I was lucky enough to direct my first piece in Moab. Working with friends of the industry FreeAge Productions we filmed with Jeep and the DriveAbility program to follow Noah Galloway (from Dancing with the Stars) for the day. It turned out AWESOME! Check out the Jeep | DriveAbility video HERE! When I moved to LA in 1999 to work in films and then when I bought my first camera in 2006 and started to do this work on my own. I would have never guessed I'd be directing with a major brand like Jeep and a celebrity like Noah Galloway, but here I am. Dreams do come true. Side note: the photo shown here (below) is me with my Sony FX1 on a sailing trip from San Francisco to Cabo, Mexico in 2006 shooting my first documentary. This documentary now 12+ years in the making is set to come out in the next 12-months (as a YouTube series). Excited as I am I wanted to send you all a link of a tease to what's to come. Check it out! ---->>>> TEASER HERE <<<<<----

So back to where I started. What dreams are you living today? If you're not asking yourself that question, then you're missing an opportunity to get closer to the answer. I want to connect and hear from you. Write me your top 5 dreams. I read every email I get. Head bowed, go forth! Barry G Walton Your potential is ENDLESS!

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