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The Making of the ASM Global King Center Promo at Eastern Florida State College.

I love entertainment and I love places where it is performed, played out, and put on. It inspires the imagination and gives escape to the day-to-day. It offers perspective on life and often reflects back unto us who we are in a new and creative way. That is why I got into this work and that is why I am excited to share our latest work and the details of what we did to win the job with ASM Global King Center.

The ASM King Center is one of the most respected places of entertainment in this region. It attracts artists that range from Tom Segura to Weird Al, ZZ Top to Broadway, and everything else in between. Promoting them is promoting the best in show biz. When they came to us, we knew were had to bring the best we could offer to both elevate the brand and maintain the quality that their event puts on.

The first thing we did to prepare was to ask questions, and then ask clarifying questions to those questions. That process encompassed anything from exact details of what they wanted to see shot, to details of how they wanted to distribute that footage. When asking you will find that sometimes the clients don't always know what they want. When this happens it's an opportunity to work together and figure it out. I always try, before I hang up the call, to know exactly what they envision or pitch them with a vision that encompasses their brand. This will save you both any chance of confusion.

After gathering as much info from the first process as possible, we then brainstorm and build our treatment. This process helps us get clarity and understanding of what we need to capture. It sets expectations for the client and makes building a budget a more formulaic process, which is not always easy in the creative space (I am attaching our treatment at the bottom for those interested in seeing what we did).

Finally, after submitting our ideas and work samples, we waited with our fingers crossed. A week or so later, when we heard back that we'd won, we celebrated. What an honor and a big deal for us! Then we went to work.

Piecing a schedule together with a moving object, like show business, was not easy. We needed to capture the best of the King Center and the region. We wanted this to be bigger than only the space where they performed. We wanted to think about how they integrate with the region. In doing so, we captured footage of key towns like Melbourne and key locations like the Kelly Slater statue in Cocoa Beach. We looked to nature and wanted to capture a majority of it in timelapse photography, to give that high pace feel. Last, we added some classic footage of the NASA Apollo launches, from the national archives, to connect it to that iconic moment in time.

Not only did we want good locations, but we also wanted them in the best light of day (meaning sunrise or sunset) which meant waking up early and working late. At one point, we woke up a total of 3 times before 5:00 am to capture the sunrise. The painful part was we could not predict the morning clouds, which were blocking the sun as it came up. Each morning we woke up the clouds showed up. Grrrrr~ fist pump at the sky, annoying! Finally, I just accepted that it was meant to be the shot was going to have clouds. Now, however, I cannot imagine a better dramatic sunrise shot for the piece. In the end, we were proud to create a finished product to showcase just how awesome the ASM King Center is today (watch the video here)!

*Special thanks to all who helped out; Tanner Roberts, Parker Davidson, Carlos Tudose, and Scott Allard with Atlantis Surf.


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