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Need an FAA drone pilot (Central Florida)?

Literally hands down, in my humble opinion, drones have been the biggest game changer in production since the invention of the motion picture. The ability to send up a little aircraft into the air, with a small investment in cost, and capture an areal perspective turns a simple shoot into something worthy of a Hollywood production. The ability to hire a helicopter crew and equipment that was once only available to the most well funded budgets can now be captured at a fraction of the price. However in the past 4 years, since I have been flying, it has slowly gotten harder to get up in the air, so I decided to get my FAA pilots license to help resolve that conflict (see my latest work here).

When I started launching my smallest of drones (DJI Spark) I was able to get it in places that I would argue probably I should not have flown. Literally, I launched that little drone in Battery Park in a square directly behind the TSA building sitting behind Freedom Tower one of the most highly secure places in NYC (see photo). Today that would not be possible in fact a lot of the flight I have experienced in the last 3 years would not be possible, so I decided to get on the up and up. For 6-weeks I studied my tail off to test and finally pass the FAA course for certification. I am proud to say, I am officially a FAA Certified Drone Pilot for hire!

Do you or someone you know need a drone pilot? Let's connect! Endless Media is a full services video production and digital media agency. We can help you build your content from start to finish. From providing you with creative ways to create content. To producing and editing your videos and distributing your content to clients and customers (via email, newsletter, blog and social media). We can help do it all. Contact us via email or call 248.675.5484

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