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Did you know that 60% of clients buy from companies they already know and 90% buy from companies they follow on social (reference article)? In this day and age, the best way to connect with people on digital is to reach them via video. Doing so can elevate the look and feel of your brand, clearly communicate your message and show them all the hard work you have been doing. To help you get some ideas for the new year, we are sharing 5 ways you can create content that clients care about.



Make your website stand out and inform your clients at first glance with a banner video. Further exploit the opportunity in the social space, by making banners that give your clients a glimpse into who you are and what you do. Here is an example of what we did for, The Institute of Athletic Medicine.


2. MISSION AND COMPANY PROFILE. Create (or update) a video that profiles the best of what your company does. Talk about those things that you stand for that make you unique and connect with your consumers on a level that is relatable. Every company has something that sets them apart. Here is what we did for, Granite Industries.


3. ELEVATE CLIENTS WITH A CASE STUDY. No better way to show the great work your product and services are producing than by elevating the clients that use them. Reach out to your biggest fans and ask if they’d let you tell their success story. Here is an example from our client OpenGov.


4. BUILD AN AD CAMPAIGN FOR DIGITAL. Do you know that you can create a geo-targeted ad campaign designed to hit a market and region directly connected to your business? Doing so is a great way to get the word out about your services and build brand recognition for clients now and in the future. Keep your brand ‘top of mind’ for clients. See an example with our client, Strawcutter Law.



How are you making it easy for clients to learn tips in your industry? How are you positioning yourself as an expert? One great way to do it is by creating help content to introduce yourself, your expertise and the value you are offering. This is a video we created for the Sunrise Networking Group that increased their following on social media, packed their annual golf outings and assisted in growing membership.


BONUS: CELEBRATE AND HAVE FUN! One sure way to grab the attention of clients and customers alike and build a digital relationship that makes them think of your brand first is to have fun on a holiday. Create a video that celebrates the day and/or entertains them in a way they’d like to share with friends. Here’s an fun 4th of July piece we created for Altes Beer that went viral.


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Endless Media is a full services video production and digital media agency. We can help you build your content from start to finish. From providing you with creative ways to create content. To producing and editing your videos and distributing your content to clients and customers (via email, newsletter, blog and social media). We can help do it all.

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Oct 07, 2021

Good reeading this post

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