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The Secret is Out!

If you've been following along you know that in November I did something "top secret"! Now the secret is out.

Imagine yourself in the middle of the desert with no one anywhere for miles. You are being escorted on to a private testing grounds facility owned by a major auto corporation. Security is high and the tension, higher. You have now traveled half way across the country to film a top secret vehicle that hasn't been seen by the public. Nor has it been in production by this manufacture (arguably) since 1986. Dramatic undertones of music from Mission Impossible are playing the background. Your pulse is racing. You are now entering the facility. What you do next will impact history... Well that's exactly what we got to do and the experience was one small step for Jeep, one giant step for yours truly. As you may or may not know by now the vehicle I am talking about is the new Jeep Gladiator and it was released at the LA Auto show to raving reviews. However before it hit the headlines, we were out in the desert capturing it with one goal in mind. Create a video that gives the feel of something being leaked from an individuals phone, a military satellite and/or something in between while maintaining the integrity and quality of a Jeep commercial production. It took a lot of hard work and team effort, but we did just that. Here's a link to the :15 second teaser appropriately titled, Leaked.

In addition to shooting Leaked, we also go the run the vehicle through a series of tests and trials creating a Gladiator performance piece called, Revealed. That piece is not out yet, but soon (stay tuned my friends)! The bonus in this all was working with my old friends from Society (seen here). Much love to them all as they transition from the FCA account to new horizons.

*Left to right: Barry Walton, Heidi Parmann, Katie Murri, Kristen Cleghorn I must also give a shout out to the amazing crew! This was a very talented group. We could not have done without them.

**Special thanks: Ryan Wiese (Producer), Jerome Wald (DP), Andrew Amine (1st AC), David Holm (Graphics), John Poon (Sound Mix). Thanks for reading, Barry Walton

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