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What does that mean, do the little things?

What does that mean, do the little things?

The little things are the small details of life. They are the stop and tie your shoe moment. The button your shirt second. The put on your belt and oh yeah brush your teeth, you stinky freaking man minute!! (You're not going to like where that part goes btw, the whole teeth brushing part. Just saying it now, so you can walk away if you were warned!) I mean aren't those 90% of what makes up who we are every day? They are the essential routines of life and I freaking struggle with them. Especially the brush your teeth one. Man that gets me, honestly (It gets worse...just leave already). Now send me on a plane, fly me to a foreign country, ask me to navigate a drug lord ran countryside with 16-year old militia holding M16's in Central America and I am your man (all of which I have done at some level). But get me to wake up day in and day out and do the 'little things' that my friend is a challenge (for me). Right now however I realize that that's where the success of building this business and the life I want is. And so that's what I am doing. WAIT!! Before you click on any link below read to the bottom, cuz there's one link I really want you to click on (if you're going to click on any, that is). For example, one weekly task I am working to come up with a VLOG on YouTube (go subscribe). The goal here is to build and maintain my storytelling and creative skills. Hasn't been easy, but I am getting better at it. Another is picking up small pieces of work (paid or unpaid) to keep things moving forward and the skills sharp (example: Back Country Hunters and Anglers Campfire Stories (Detroit). This was fun!

And even writing this monthly BLOG for Endless to stay connected with you all. This I both enjoy and struggle to stay consistent with. BTW: I had no idea what to share this month and then whala this came to me (or voila as is pronounced and spelled in French). Tell them the truth Barry. Tell them exactly what's going on right now. 'The struggle'... And so here I am. All the little things needed to grow, build, and at some level maintain my sanity, I struggle with. Really I do. Speaking of sanity, I need to go brush my teeth from today (actually I think it's been two days...not even a joke). Going now (foot steps running off up the stairs. Sounds of things clinking in the bathroom. Foot steps returning and we are back).

Ok, feeling fresh and alive. Amazing what those little things can do for you. BTW: don't ask about my underwear. I changed it, that was were warned! So what are the little things that you struggle with (minus changing your underwear, don't share that with me)? Share, it helps! SIDE NOTE: Here is what I wanted you to click on!

  • I need help to take Stefania to Boulder, CO on an all expenses trip paid and screen my film Ultra High: Running at 18,000 Feet in the festival.

  • Go here (like, share, follow, comment) it helps me gets me points:

With love, Barry Walton (Endless Media) Few extra notes not directly related to the topic above:

  • Great read: Kevin Hart: I Can't Make This Up (Audible)

  • Great movie: A Futile and Stupid Gesture (Netflix)

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