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125 pages written, will you help?

Over the past 12 months, I have been working to write a memoir on adventure, love, filmmaking, and my search for God. As insecure as I feel about sharing my deepest secrets, I believe that this book could offer some perspective and direction in a world that seems to be losing it in heaps. I could be wrong about this. I could end up falling flat on my face, however, I believe that with your support we will have success. That is why I’m asking for your help. Let me set up what you are about to read with a little more context.

NOTE: Be sure to scroll to the bottom to download chapter 5 of the book and watch my video with a special message for you.

(L2R: Barry Walton, Zac Bookman, Dan Wasserman, Dennis Stein)


I was born in the rural town of Medina, Michigan, into an anxiety-filled childhood. In the first 20 years of my life, I often went on adventures in the woods outside to escape the feelings of inadequacy I’d buried deep inside. At the age of 16, I nearly died in a car crash that instantly changed everything for me. Laying roadside on my back, unable to stand, I turned my eyes to the heavens and made a promise to God. That vow launched me on a mission for life that drove me to explore unknown places where others would not go, hoping to return with answers and perspectives others might not have.

The first four chapters of my book describe my formative years and the folly of my Bible college experience. In chapter 5, you’ll find me living on a sailboat in Marina del Rey, California, beginning to unpack the weight of my promise and plotting my first big adventure into the unknown.

Watch my personal message for you (here).

Before you download, there are a couple of things I’ll ask you to do:

· Read with a pencil or a keyboard so you can give me notes.

· Write about what makes sense and what more you’d like to know.

· Offer constructive feedback for improving the story.

· Share highlights and compliments.

· Join my LinkedIn Group to assist in the future (here).

You can find the download link below, and thanks again for your input and participation.


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