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Reaching Reality now on Amazon Prime! Would you be against watching and reviewing?

In the fall of last year our film, Reaching Reality played at the Santa Cruz Film Festival. Now the festival edition is up on Amazon Prime! Would you be apposed to watching and writing a review on Amazon today (more below)?

In addition to Amazon Prime, the film is also set to start airing on the Nautical Channel internationally this spring. That is exciting! We are also going to start pushing out the 5 part episodic version of the film on Amazon Prime & Vimeo On-Demand in the next few weeks. I would call this version by all definitions the directors cut. In the episodic version (or directors cut), you'll see our dig for sharks teeth in the yellow desert off Tortuga Bay, the exploration of Isla Cedros and its global salt factory and the intrepid encounter with shark hunters on death island deep in the Baja peninsula. Not to mention in the episodic version there is more of the complete story into the struggles of the trip. Stay tuned I will update when that is out for those film lovers and seekers of adventure.

So you're home, avoiding this virus and working to stay busy. At the risk of interrupting your flow, would you be against watching, commenting, sharing and helping this film get some recognition?

1) Watch on Amazon Prime.

2) Write a review on (click on create a review under the title).

3) And/or send me your feedback via email, I would love to know what your thoughts (email:

Thanks for reading, Barry Walton


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