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I Completely Lost Focus...

You ever find yourself dreaming so hard of achieving great heights, that you become so focused on the goal and you forget why you are doing it at all?

I mean have you ever gotten so engrained into the idea of achieving the intangible, that you over look the very tangible day-to-day moments that bring happiness? If so, you are not alone. We all do it. The truth about the imagination is that it's easier to live in a space of 'what could be', than it is to look at the reality of 'what is'. After all the reality of 'what is' can be very humbling. It can make the dream, the goal, or ones hearts desire seem impossible to achieve. However the idea of 'what could be' needs no measure of where you are against the reality of where you want to be. And so for many of us we live in the imagination of 'what could be' ignoring completely the reality of 'what is'. I must admit I am guilty of this and have gained some clarity of it in my own life recently. Now I have stepped back and started to re-chart a course to where I want to go. Looking honestly at where I am has not been an easy task. In fact it has been a little painful (as you may have read in past posts). My ego and the illusion of who I think am in the world. Has wrestled with the reality of who I really am. However it has been a healthy course of growth and one that has me back focusing on my original mission. When I left on this journey it was one that was directly tied to a desire to bolster up mid and small business with digital advertising. I wanted to take what I had learned from the mega-world of corporate America and give it to those troops on the frontlines. Essentially I imagined myself the Robin Hood of digital media. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor by teaching small and mid-sized business the power of finding their voice, shaping a narrative and reaching their audience. One such example of that is a piece I did most recently with a small dealership out of Archbold, Ohio called, Car 1.

Be sure to see their story (here). Car 1 is the micro brew of car sales in their market. It's a family owned business spanning 3 generations. And a down to earth team of brothers who are honest, hardworking, and trustworthy. They represent everything that I love about small business in America. And the experience of working with them brought me full circle back to what I love about this work.

Note: In our 1 day shoot we created one full length hero and 6 short form spotlights for Instagram and Facebook. See example cutdown: (here) We all love the mystery of the unknown. It's romantic nature gives us the pleasure derived from what the imagination comes up with. However we must also walk the tight rope of between the known and the unknown. In that space we find both the grounding nature of living in 'what is' and the exciting romance of 'what could be'. And it is there that success can be charted, measured, and achieved. Go forth and do great things! Barry *btw: Do you know a small business with an awesome story to tell...please introduce (!

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